League Play

We are a 501(c)(3) organization that operates a girls-only youth basketball league in northcentral West Virginia. We started in March 2014 with a March Madness tournament. Based on the success of that tournament, we conducted a full league during the 2015-2016 winter season. 225 girls played in our first season. Over 300 girls played in our 2015-2016 winter season! There was clearly a need for a girls’ basketball league in northcentral West Virginia, and we are thrilled to be filling that void.

We believe that girls want two things when it comes to basketball – to have fun and play with their friends. As a result, we do not have a draft. We encourage the registration of either individuals or full teams. If a player registers as an individual, we make every effort to place her on a team with teammates from her school. We operate competitive and recreational divisions based upon overall team ability.

cross-over gyms. Hand Stamp will be  provided in the case you need to leave the gym or travel to one of our other  gyms for games.


$3 for Adults
$1 for Children 5- 18
$8 for Family

Questions, call, text or email  the following:

Chris Lancaster

Frequently asked questions

The league provides a one hour practice to each team on a weekday. Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays. Additional practices may be organized by each team at its own cost.

Register the players as individuals and indicate that you would like for them to be on the same team. We will do our best to place girls on teams with other players from their school. In any event, we will find a team for any girls that want to play!

We offer recreational and competitive divisions. We will work with the coaches to determine your team’s division.

We have several sponsors that have generously agreed to sponsor teams. Reversible mesh jerseys with a sponsor logo on the front will be provided at no additional cost. Some teams desire to purchase their own uniforms which is also acceptable. We strongly recommend reversible jerseys.

A player can play in her actual grade level, and the next level up. A player cannot play on two teams in the same grade level. In other words, a 4th grader can play in the 4th grade league and in the 5th/6th grade league. A 4th grader cannot play on a recreational 4th grade team and a competitive 4th grade team.

Practices will begin in early November.  Games will begin in December.  We will not have practices during Thanksgiving Week, Christmas Week or New Year’s week.

No, we do not permit players to “play down” regardless of their birthdate. The grade level rule is strictly enforced other than players who chose to “play up” in a higher grade.

Each team will be scheduled 10 games. Games cancelled due to weather will not be rescheduled unless a team did not play at least 8 games or the games impact the seeding in the end of season tournament.